About Me

Hi ! Welcome to April May Boutique. I am April, the founder of April May. I am a full time second grade teacher. I have been teaching for 8 years. Not only is teaching one of my passions, but fashion is as well. I have always wanted to open an online boutique and share my love of fashion. So, I decided in April 2023, that it was time to give it my all and open my boutique. Growing up I always told people my middle name was May (when in fact it is not). I just loved the way April May sounded. I decided to name my boutique April May in honor of my childhood. I am having the best time carefully hand picking pieces for my boutique. I have traveled to shows in New York to pick each piece with love. Fun Fact: I name each piece of clothing after different women in my life. Every concept of my boutique is represented by who I am today. I hope you all enjoy shopping small and continue to shine. 

Love, April 

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